Adapt feeds for any platform

Upload your catalog and quickly adapt it to any sales or advertising channel you need.

One feed for all

You will only need a source feed to create the catalogs for each channel and apply the changes you need.

Updated in real-time

With our platform you can rest assured that your catalogs will be updated in real time with any change in your products.

Apply all the changes you need

Feedmyfeeds enhances efficiency by allowing instant rule application during catalog import, saving time and simplifying output feed creation. Choose to customize manually or let the system automatically adjust for each target channel.

Daily managed products
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Effortless Integration

Instantly apply rules during catalog import, saving time.

Custom or Automatic

Manually customize or auto-adjust feeds for each channel.

Optimized Feeds

Ensure feeds are channel-ready for maximum efficiency.

Ready to get started?

Connect your catalog to the platform and start configuring your catalog for new sales channels. You can also design new catalog ads in just a few minutes.

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