Case Study: PcComponentes

Sales increase 259% in just one week



PcComponentes is the leading Spanish technology e-commerce with physical presence in Madrid, Murcia and Barcelona offering a wide range of computer and electronics products. The company was founded in 1999 in Alhama de Murcia, Spain, and has since grown to become one of Europe’s leading online technology retailers with a wealth of technology expertise and 5-star customer service on a daily basis.

PcComponentes, with more than 700 employees, is known for its competitive prices, wide selection of products, great knowledge of technology and excellent after-sales and customer service. The company is present in Spain, Portugal and France and will soon add new international markets.


PcComponentes had a need, they needed an optimization of their Dynamic Ads on META campaigns focused on increasing CTR, but also to increase the brand presence in the ads and thus be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. To do so, they needed to produce thousands of personalized images and to be able to update them in real time and in an automated way for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Without Feedmyfeeds

With Feedmyfeeds

In the design we observed the following improvements:


Here are the metrics obtained in their 2023 anniversary doing a test A/B campaign on META applying templates to the products images:

+ 50 %
+ 0 %
- 0 %
+ 0 %


The use of Feedmyfeeds has improved all metrics of the Social Ads campaign in just one week. An increase in click-through rates, engagement and conversions has been observed.

The tool has allowed us to be more relevant and attractive to the users of these social networks, generating an intention to generate clicks and visits to the website, which allows us to optimize the performance of the ads.

We are confident that continued use of Feedmyfeeds will lead to even greater success in future campaigns.

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